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Casadei Industria ALU and it’s range of machinery such as the the Alu Ranger, a unique CNC solution engineered in San Marino for faster and more cost-effective machine routing and fabrication of cladding materials. 

The Alu Ranger, VGroove can be used for a wide range of materials such as:

  • A1, A2 and FR Rated Aluminium Composite Materials
  • Pre-Coated Solid Aluminium from 1.5 through to 8mm thick
  • Fibercement boards
  • Aluminium Honeycomb
  • Gypsum Board
  • HPL

The advantages of this unique engineering method includes:

Labour Saving – With a patented solution for automation, the entire process can be operated by 1 operator / supervisor.

Ergonomics – with automation and working with a vertical bed, reducing back strain, substantially reducing labour intensity. Cleaner and safer for the operator with less dust and swarf. Quieter and less energy consumption.

Automation – With added features using patented Integrated Automation allowing for panels to be automatically loaded and fed directly onto the flat bed. Supported by dedicated software optimising the programming for any design, reducing material waste.

Space Saving – Vertical / Upright CNC bed, requiring 60% less space than conventional CNC routers.

Tooling – Multiple options to cover a wide range of V Groove and cutting solutions seamlessly integrated and programable in one operation. Quality parts from SMC, Yaskawa, Becker, HSD and Schaeffler. Offering reliability and efficiency of design.

Speed – Capable of fabricating 25-30 meters per minute.
With this increased productivity on average 450 – 750m2 of material could be fabricated in one 8-hour shift. This would enable any project a huge time and labour-saving option.

Here’s who is using Casadei Industria ALU machinery across the UK & Ireland