Our products are tested to EN 13501-1
Reaction to Fire Classification A1 and A2-s1, d0
EN 13501 – 1: 2007 +A1 2009
Ensuring fire safety and
compliance in all projects
A2 Fire Rated material
Aluminium Composite Panels PCS (Pro Composite Solutions) Ltd. supported by 15 years' industry experience, offer a specialist service into the supply and fabrication of Architectural Aluminium Composite Material. Aluminium Composite Experts in the UK BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE MACHINERY - MATERIAL - FABRICATION - RECYCLING Aluminium Composite Material Fabrication From architects seeking specialist solutions for coatings and finishes, through to guidance on fire safety and building regulations, we have the knowledge to assist. Aluminium Composite Experts in the UK establishing the future for Architectural Materials and CNC fabrication Equipment OUR EXPERTISE A1 Aluminium Cladding 2&3mm Solid Aluminium pre-coated material
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Albond 9000 Series 4mm (0.5) A2 INFINITE CHOICE OF

PCS Ltd. supported by more than 15 years' industry experience, offer a specialist service into the supply of tailored machinery, and a wide range of specialist materials.

At PCS Ltd. we offer a specialist service based on our outstanding customer service and extensive product knowledge.  

Supplying Aluminium Materials, specialist composites and CNC Machinery into multiple industry sectors.  

Working with selected global partners to provide fabricators, specifiers, and installers with a complete solution through our group of well-established high-quality certified products.

Manufacturing our own A1 Pre-Coat Solid Aluminium product Futural, a high impact resistant solid panel that provides outstanding durability for all your A1 fire rated cladding requirements. 

With our partnership with ALBOND, an award-winning Turkish ACP manufacturer, we are now able to offer the highest quality cladding solutions. Producing to EN13501 – A2, B1 fire classes, with an infinite range of colours and finishes.   

Our Italian partner CEL Components provide us with high quality sandwich panels and honeycombs, enabling us to supply a wide range of industries from aeronautical, to shipbuilding, to refrigeration, to stone reinforcement. 

We are not only able to offer you quality materials, but world leading machinery. Muratori Machines an Italian based company specialising in state-of-the-art Automatic CNC Machines for a wide range of industries. 

Our other services include supplying Sign grade products, recycling of aluminium and machine servicing.


Recommended Supply Partners

Through our well-established network of trusted industry partners. We can provide solutions for machinery, material, tooling, fabrication and specification solutions.

Muratori Machines

Supplying world leading machinery, Muratori Machines is a San Marino based company specialising in state-of-the-art Automatic CNC Machines for the Architectural industry. One solution offered being the Alu Ranger, a unique CNC solution engineered for faster and more cost-effective Machine routing and Fabrication of cladding materials.

The advantages of this unique engineering method include Vertical / Upright CNC, requiring 60% less space than conventional CNC routers. With added features using patented Integrated Automation allowing for panels to be automatically loaded and fed directly onto the flat bed. Capable of fabricating 25-30 meters per minute.
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With our partnership with ALBOND, an award-winning ACP manufacturer based in Turkey, we are now able to offer the highest quality products with the capacity to produce 7.500.000 m2 with 4 ACP production lines producing EN13501 - A2, B1 fire classes, BBA Tested with an infinite range of colours and finishes.


CEL founded in 1992 in Italy, is a producer of high quality and made to order sandwich panels and honeycombs.

CEL panels can be used in a wide range of different sectors: from shipbuilding, pharmaceutical interiors to railways interiors, from external ventilated facades to marble and mineral support.

CEL panels have a wide range of certifications.


Introducing Futural A1 3mm Pre-Coat Aluminium cladding panels on the Alu Ranger VGroove 6321 from Muratori Machines. The perfect combination for V grooved cassette fabrication.

Muratori Machines – automatic multipurpose milling / bending machine to process straight edges on panels for architectural facades, transport industry, interior design and visual communication.

For world leading machinery through to certified material we are your dedicated point of contact with the manufacturer, ensuring a cost effective and streamlined service. 

The ultimate combination for safe and cost effective cladding fabrication. This video show’s a great example of one of our projects.


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For a full range of the machinery and recommended materials please head to our Machinery or Products pages. If you'd like more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

An infinite range of CNC processing and Architectural design solutions. Aluminium Composite Panel is manufactured in the shortest lead times.  High quality aluminium composite panels with an infinite range of colours, for your architectural specification.  Supported by expert fabrication with full automisation offering endless design concepts.              

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